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                1. Difference in appearance and morphology Monocrystalline silicon: the battery piece is square, round and dark blue; Polysilicon: The battery is square and sky blue. 2. Difference in conversion rate: monocrystalline silicon: 16-18%, high conversion rate in laboratory can reach 25%, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high reliability, and slightly high power generation; Polycrystalline silicon: 14-16%, the high conversion rate in the laboratory can reach 20.4%, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is slightly low. 3. Comparison of single and polycrystalline silicon cell photovoltaic industry chains, from silicon materials to silicon rods, silicon chips, batteries, components to systems. The difference between single crystal and polycrystalline mainly lies in the preparation of raw materials. Single crystal silicon is the czochralski lifting method, polycrystalline silicon is the doomed method, and the back-end manufacturing process is only slightly different. 4. Difference in crystal quality Monocrystalline silicon wafer is a complete lattice arrangement: polycrystalline silicon wafer, which is a combination of multiple small single crystals, has defects and many impurities, thus reducing the conversion efficiency of polycrystalline battery. The comprehensive effect of various factors makes the monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic module dozens of times higher than the polycrystalline silicon, which shows the advantages of conversion efficiency. 5. Comparison of minority carrier lifetime of single polysilicon with electrical performance difference. The blue represents the area with higher minority carrier lifetime, and the red represents the area with lower minority carrier lifetime. It is obvious that the minority carrier lifetime of single crystals is significantly higher than that of polycrystals.

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