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                What are the differences between solar coated glass and photovoltaic glass

                Sep 30,2022


                Solar coated glass is divided into low radiation glass or LOW-e glass for building curtain wall, or glass with sound insulation and heat insulation functions of some coating layers. It is uncertain whether it refers to this part.

                In addition, there is a TCO transparent conductive film coated glass for the amorphous silicon glass of solar energy. It is an amorphous silicon film module made by etching, welding wires and other processes. It also belongs to the field of solar energy coating, or can be said to be a photovoltaic glass.

                In addition, some commonly known double glass modules in recent years are frost wave photovoltaic modules, which are composed of two pieces of glass and a thin layer of super white subway tempered glass+film+silicon cell sheet+film+tempered glass base plate on the upper surface. They belong to photovoltaic glass.

                There is also a common one, called ultra white low iron textured (embossed) glass cover, which is usually a 3.2mm tempered ultra white embossed glass+film+silicon cell sheet+film+backplane battery module. It can be divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon cell modules according to different silicon chips. However, this glass can also be coated with AR antireflection and antireflection coatings, which is also a kind of photovoltaic glass, also called solar AR coated glass.

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